February 25, 2020

Sunday & Monday: The Trouble with Space Cannibals auditions

In space, no one can hear you chew!

Auditions for The Trouble with Space Cannibals, an original SciFi Comedy by Bill Arnold and Scott Stephen Kegler will be this Sunday and Monday, March 15 and 16 at 7:00pm, at Hole in the Wall Theatre, 116 Main Street, New Britain.

The show takes place on the deck of the fictional starship, The LeVar Burtonne, and tells the cautionary tale of poor managerial skills amongst starship officers. It’s Star Trek – meets Office Space – meets Lord of the flies.

Auditions will consist of reading sides from the Space Cannibals script. No monologue necessary.

Performance Dates: May 22, 23, 29, 30, 31, June 5, 6, 7, 12, 13


Captain Taryn Estranger: Any age, female. A smart, efficient, but forgetful leader. Taryn is truly “management” in every sense of the word.

Science Officer Wendy Mansplain: Any age, female. Mansplain is the arrogant and infuriating science officer of the starship LeVar Burtonne.

Communications Officer Toto Claro: Any age, female. Claro has been described as “aggressively naive” (She believes that she’s good at her job, but in fact, she has terrible communication skills)

Chief Medical Officer Kilroy: Any age, male. Kilroy probably shouldn’t be a doctor, and certainly shouldn’t be in outer space. A true coward, he hides behind process and rules to avoid having to actually DO anything. Yeah, he’s upper management, alright!

Navigator Sofaa Pullout: any age, male. Sofaa is the alien aboard ship. He is part plant, and can’t shut the hell up about it. He’s very good at his job, but is also self-absorbed.

Engineer: Any age, male (also plays the Commodore later on) The Engineer is the super annoyed IT guy you see at every office. Management pretends he doesn’t exist, but without him, the LeVar Burtonne would be dead in the water…um…space.

Mason Pembrooke, leader of the cannibals: Any age, male. Mason has become a leader in the absence of any other leadership. Like Lord of the Flies, he is pitted against another group. And also like Lord of the Flies, he sports a pretty cool costume of bones. Mason is the comedic antagonist.

Ensign #1 (also plays Simone, and a cannibal): Any age, female.

Ensign #2 (also plays Security, and a cannibal): Any age, male.

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