December 27, 2017

AUDITION NOTICE for The Riant Strawberry-One-Act Festival

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SEEKING Four Female Actors for, Intervention Intention, an original One-Act-Play competing at The Riant Theatre 2018 Strawberry-One-Act-Festival at The Shetler Theatre in Manhattan, NY, Performance dates:  May 16 & May 17.


Four, forty-something women and lifetime friends have shared experiences, experiments and growing pains. All but one is married, only two had children of their own. They have a strong bond that has withstood the test of time. However, that bond is about to be challenged when a “surprise” intervention is planned.

Character Breakdown:

Beth (45-55 any ethnicity) She has always been considered the ‘matriarch’ of the group. Married to a highly successful entrepreneur, she became a stay at home mom, blindly giving up her own career and dreams to support her husband’s aspirations. Always the protector, Beth believes that Jen is about to marry a man that she perceives to be a mismatch. She decides to host an intervention along with Lynn and Bobbie, to help Jen see the light.

Lynn (45-55 any ethnicity) She has been married twice and never had children. She is a top agent at a prestigious real estate agency and is always working on the next deal. Focused on herself she has little patience for weakness in others. However, she would do anything for her friends and finds time in her hectic schedule to attend the intervention.

Bobbie (45-55 any ethnicity)  A fun loving, gregarious hair stylist, and successful salon owner who is always ‘ready’ for a party. Naïve by nature, she married her high school sweetheart and has three children whom she adores. Not fully understanding the concept of an intervention, she hopes to find a way to contribute in a helpful way.

 Jen (45-55 any ethnicity) The most altruistic of the four. She forwent marriage to pursue a career in the medical field. She went on to become a highly respected registered nurse in charge of the ICU in one of the largest hospitals in the area. She recently announced her engagement to Joe, a cook in the same hospital where she works.

Please send Headshots & Resumes via email or mail to:

Attn To: Nancie Pacheco
5 Crosstrees Hill Rd
Essex, CT 06426


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