October 31, 2017

Audition Notice for the Musical Comedy “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change”

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The Arts at Angeloria’s, LLC announces auditions on Sunday, November 26th from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm and Monday, November 27th from 7:00 pm- 9:00 pm with callbacks on Wednesday, November 29th at 7:00 pm for the musical comedy “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change,” written by Joe DiPietro with music by Jimmy Roberts. This musical comedy is a funny, fast-paced series of songs and vignettes about the trials and tribulations of people trying to connect in the modern world. The scenes basically stand independent of each other, but progress in a fashion designed to suggest an overall arc of relationships throughout the course of life, from dating through marriage, children and old age. While it is a satirical musical revue, it must also be played for the emotional truthfulness of each scenario. The play’s tagline is ‘Everything you have ever secretly thought about dating, romance, marriage, lovers, husbands, wives and in-laws, but were afraid to admit.’ The show features 4-6 actors who, between them, play 58 characters aged 30 to 80. All actors need to be extremely good vocal artists as the songs feature close harmonies and a wide vocal range. Ability to read music and sing a cappella is essential. With few exceptions, the scenes stand independent of the others, but progress in a fashion designed to suggest an overall arc to relationships throughout the course of one’s life. An insightful and hilarious musical, I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change will have audience members shouting, “This is my life!”

Roles available:
4-6 male/female actors who will play multiple roles and must be extremely good vocal artists, as the songs feature lots of close harmonies, a cappella singing, and a wide vocal range.

Required vocal ranges:
Soprano–low A to Bb
Alto- low F# to Db
Baritone /tenor ranges (middle C to high G#).

Run date: February 9-18, 2018
Performances: 2/9, 2/10, 2/11 (matinee) , 2/14*( Wednesday), 2/16, 2/17, 2/18 (matinee)

Executive/Artistic Director: Lori Holm
Director: Kristina Passier
Music Director: Ed Rosenblatt

Prepare 32 bars of a song in the style of the show. Selections from the show are allowed. Characters can be any ethnicity and all actors are encouraged to audition. In addition, actors will be doing cold readings from the show.

Please bring a headshot and resume. Please call or text Lori at 860-302-6262 with questions or email

Rehearsals begin in earnest in early January, although there will be a few days of rehearsal in December—specific dates will depend on cast and directors’ schedules and will work around the Christmas and New Year holidays. Rehearsals will be on Sundays from 5-9, Mondays from 6:30-9:00, and Wed 6:30 to 9:00.

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