July 19, 2020

Advertising and Billboard print

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Advertising & Billboard – Print
Print | Non-Union | Pay: paying $1300 for the project.

Project Description: Need talent for photo shoot for products advertising
and billboard.

– Format of Shoot Video: Its going to be inspiration and directions mood
board and stock pictures.
– Product / Brand: Shoes and fabrics Material.
– No of models: 20 needed.
– Model brief: From all different nationalities ages, genders, races.

Casting Dates: Based on Submiossions
Callback Dates: TBD
Start Dates: 7/20 and BOS
Days Not specified – 4 or 5 days – From 3 to 8 hours
Location: WFH Opportunity.

MODELS | Male or Female | Any Ethnicity | Age: 18 – 30
Twenty models needed for a virtual photo shoot. Instead of using high-tech
cameras, sophisticated backgrounds and hairstylists and makeup artists to
make his subjects look perfect, We are going to connects with you on zoom,
facetime or google duo, and takes pictures of the screen. We are going to
edits with Photoshop to achieve the prefect images. Unlike normal shoots,
Director would be instructing you on where to position your laptops, phones
or tablets, and make sure your screens are clean. Please provide you
contact information and work book if possible.

Send resume ,pictures to for preview .

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