May 18, 2022

Actors Needed To Portray Male Roles in ‘Lost Girl’, West Haven, CT

FUSE Theatre of CT needs 6 performers of any gender, ages 16-22, to portray the following male roles **IMMEDIATELY**

Peter Pan (age 13 and approximate 18-20) “always well-intentioned and so charismatic you could just die. He’s not a villain; he’s just a boy” [2 scenes]

Boy (approximate age 18-20) “quiet confidence” [1 major scene, several smaller scenes]

Slightly (approximate age 18-20) “careful, caring, fiercely loyal” [several major scenes]


Toodles (approximate age 16-22) “silly and sincere” / Therapist (30’s-40’s) “trying his best” [several major scenes]

Nibs (approximate age 18-22) “logical, acerbic” / Detective (30’s-40’s) “Single-minded, always on the edge of defeat” [several major scenes]

Curly (approx 16-22) “laid-back but observant” / Doctor (30’s – 40’s) “even-tempered” [several major scenes]

Production Dates: July 22nd-23rd, 2022

Production and Rehearsal Location: Gateway Christian Fellowship, 129 Bull Hill Lane, West Haven, Ct 06516

Rehearsal Dates & Times: Sundays 3:30-7 (full cast), Mondays 6:30-9 (full cast), Thursdays 6:30-9 (Wendy and specific scene partners)

There is no participation fee. All performers must sell 10 tickets each and one program ad valued at $50 or more. Older and younger performers will be considered if we are unable to fill the required roles by Memorial Day.

Thank you in advance for helping us cast this incredible play! We literally cannot do it without you. Please share!