March 21, 2021

Acting for the Camera class for High School Students

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Alive and ready to work — hone your craft in our virtual world.
Stage actors are taught to project to the back of the mezzanine. But what does that mean when you are in front of the camera? For TV or film? In a theatrical Zoom production? For your next audition reel? For your application tape for a college performing arts program?

SAG/Equity actor Tenisi Davis is your guide to acting in front of the camera. In our new class, Tenisi will take on ten high school students to teach the foundations needed for becoming a leading actor. You’ll learn acting techniques, how to focus your energy, new methods for your tool kit, and the proper audition set-up accepted by all casting directors.

Designed to get you industry-ready, you’ll finish the class with a professionally produced video of yourself performing a monologue of your choosing, filmed on the historic Playhouse stage. You’ll build confidence and gain control of your narrative. And, we hope, along the way you’ll find your mind, body and spirit come into balance; you’ll be alive and ready to work.

Applications open until March 29
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