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Vocal Productions CT Singing and Performing Arts Studio

Vocal Productions Ct is a professional performing arts studio that has been servicing the Connecticut area for the past 40 years. Cathryn Kenzel serves as the Master Instructor with over 40 years experience in the performing arts. Whether a student is looking to better an existing talent or develop a […]

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Caesar Rondina Author | Public Speaker

Allie came from a small New England town. David came from the same area two towns over. He came from a much larger town. Could two people live so close and never meet? They were two different people living two different ways of life and in different worlds. They each had a past. Their past was following them into their present, and affecting their individual futures. It seemed no matter what they did, or how hard they tried, the past would always be present to haunt them. Two people hundreds of miles away and worlds apart. Will they ever meet? Will their paths ever cross?
Allie came from a broken home. Her stepfather had abused her since age thirteen. As Allie got older, she had to move out of her house and into town. Allie never looked upon herself as a whore or prostitute. She was an opportunist. She had developed a criminal record, as well as serving ten years for manslaughter. Allie claims she was not guilty of the crime. She was an easy mark for the new hometown sheriff. When you have no money, you cannot afford a good attorney. Did she commit the murder? Will there be more? She was a beautiful vivacious thirty-three-year-old slender woman with long blonde hair that flowed down just short of the middle of her back. It had a loose natural curl toward the bottom. Allie was well proportioned for her size and had beautiful blue eyes. Nothing was fake. She stood 5’7” tall. She was beautiful and she knew it. Growing up she learned to use her attributes and beauty to her advantage. As beautiful as she was, her past would always be in front of her rather than behind her. She tried to leave that small town many times only to find herself back where she started. Could she clear her name? How? She had nothing. She was right back where she started.
David, also thirty-three, came from a family that was well off. After college, he moved to the big city. He loved the fast-paced lifestyle. Growing up, he never wanted for anything. Being a high school and college football star, popularity, women and sex, were part of his lifestyle. After graduating law school at the top of his class, he passed the Bar and worked as a criminal defense attorney for the largest law firm in the city. Starting at the bottom, he worked his way up quickly. He paid his dues along the way. When he ran into trouble, was he the scapegoat for the firm he worked at? Was he set up? How could he fix it? He was 6’1” and was well built. He always worked out and continued at the gym after he graduated college. He had wavy light brown hair that would drape across his forehead. When he was disbarred, he was separated from the firm. Finding a job that paid well, at best, was difficult. He also had his past in front of him rather than behind him. Where would he go? David was a mischievous child. This got worse through his teens and through college. He got him into trouble. He always found his way into the wrong crowd. Taking chances, illegal ones, and sleeping with any woman, he could. This was his lifestyle. A lifestyle he loved. He was always the most popular “guy.” He knew how to play people. His mother and father were happily married and quite successful, but knew nothing of these recent events. How could he tell them?
As their stories unfold, you will walk down this path and develop an intimate connection to Allie and David. A romantic murder mystery that will captivate your mind as Allie and David steal your heart. You will ask many questions throughout this tale of murder, mystery, romance, and family. How bad is their past? How does it affect the present; a future alone, or maybe together? In this spine-tingling thriller, you will learn about each of their lives. The hard-core details, the unthinkable. How family love can be tested. They will have to face their individual ghosts throughout this story and try to overcome all that is placed in front of them. Can they survive? Will they survive? Is it possible when there is murder?
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