November 12, 2012

2013 Season Auditions at The Spirit of Broadway Theater

The Spirit of Broadway Theater, located in Norwich, CT. is proud to announce 2013 season auditions on Saturday, November 24, 2012 from 10am – 1pm at The Spirit of Broadway Theater.

The Spirit of Broadway Theater is a professional, innovative and intimate 74-seat three-quarters thrust, black box theater. Roles are paid or stipends.

Actors (ages 9 and older) are being sought for 2013 season. With several large casts, age and diversity are major casting focuses.

The 2013 season includes 3 new works, 1 world premiere commission and 2 published works. All show performances are Wednesdays & Thursdays at 7pm, Fridays & Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 2pm

DANI GIRL by Michael Kooman & Chris Dimond.
January 9 – February 10, 2013.
DANI GIRL spins the inspirational story of a young girl who traverses the realms of fantasy and reality as she battles a life threatening disease. (11 year old girl and 10 year old boy needed for leading roles in this show)

CONVENIENCE by Gregg Coffin
March 6 – April 7, 2013.
CONVENIENCE is a sung-through musical about family, the ties that bind and the ones we struggle to break. A single mom and her estranged twenty-six-year-old son have news for each other, but neither can find the words nor the courage. Liz can’t tell her son, Vince, that she’s remarrying and moving away; Vince is afraid of how Liz will react when he tells her about his boyfriend. During one funny, awkward, touching week, they come to realize what so many families discover: The things they feared would tear them apart end up bringing them closer together. A mother and son learn from their broken past and the promise of a different future that they can walk through a doorway without slamming it shut forever.

PHILCO BLUES by Jan Warner & Kathe Green. .
May 8 – June 9, 2013.
PHILCO BLUES is set in the early 1980s and takes place on the outskirts of Wahoo, Nebraska, in New York City and in the imagination of our heroine. PHILCO BLUES is based on a real series of letters and poems written over several years by housewife, – who believes herself to be in a loveless marriage – who lived in Wahoo, to an actor who appeared in television soap operas who would sometimes write back.

110 IN THE SHADE by N. Richard Nash, Tom Jones, Harvey Schmidt
July 10 – August 11, 2013.
An unmarried woman in the Old West must choose between the attentions of the local sheriff and a charismatic con man who promises to bring rain. Based on Nash’s play The Rainmaker.

[BENEDICT ARNOLD MUSICAL] by Richard Vetere, Jeffrey Lodin & William Squier
September 11 – October 13, 2013.
A powerful, world premiere musical, is commissioned for The Spirit of Broadway Theater! This is a moving new musical based on the character of – not the deeds of – Norwich’s own, Benedict Arnold. The new musical follows the progression of the man from husband to charming, second wife, Peggy to one of the most polarizing figures in American History. (Cast members must be available to participate in readings/workshops in New York City, during the early summer. Details TBA)

THE HYPOCRITE by Peter Kellogg and David Friedman.
November 6 – December 8, 2013.
Based on Moliere’s TARTUFFE, this modern re-telling of this classic story comes to life as a new musical! From the team that brought DESPERATE MEASURES to life, comes the story of a man who discovers a destitute man of God. He brings him home believing this man to be God incarnate. Before long, this man of God has married his host’s wife, adopted his children, assumed ownership of his house and has kicked his host to the curb!

WHAT TO PREPARE: Please prepare 2 songs – one legit, one musical theater. Bring music with you (accompanist will be provided) No accapella singing. Also, please prepare a brief monologue, no longer than 2 minutes. Monologue must be momorized. Bring a current headshot and a resume with you.

To reserve an audition time please contact the SBT Box Office at 860.886.2378. Walk-ins will be seen in the order they arrive, in between booked appointments. ALL ROLES ARE CURRENTLY AVAILABLE!

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