May 15, 2020

15 Days to Jump Start Your Acting Demo Reel!


We know times have been tough, especially for actors who literally work from gig to gig without job security. We want to help, so we’re offering 10% off of all demo reel packages to assist actors in getting back on their feet! 

Every actor regardless of age needs a quality demo reel in order to get the attention of agents, managers, and casting directors. If you are a young actor with little experience looking to start a quality reel, or an experienced actor looking to update and refresh your existing reel, we can help!  We are conveniently located in the greater Hartford area and are the only New England based service of it’s kind.

The production team at New England Reels is made up of industry professionals from MTO Film & Television and TheRiot Productions, and has more than 20-years of combined film & television experience producing feature & short films, television series, and commercials. We offer an affordable range of options for your demo reel.

We are working actors ourselves, so we know exactly what actors need to put their best foot forward and get noticed. We are less expensive than the competition and we are close by, eliminating the need for time consuming and costly trips to New York.

Visit our website to view our special discounted rates & packages, and view sample scenes:

We are up and running again, and look forward to working with you soon!

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