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The PeaceMaker Project centers on the professional production of a “new” work for musical theater: PeaceMaker: The Dreams of Humanity’s Child. This musical, this opera, this performance piece, is designed to be entertaining and engaging while delivering a very powerful message: that we need to care for the EarthMother and all our relations, that each of us can be a peace maker. Therefore, the goal of the Peacemaker Project is to deliver that message to as wide and diverse and audience as possible.\ To accomplish this goal, we will recruit professional collaborators of like mind, body and spirit: musicians, actors, singers, dancers, directors, managers, designers, technicians. We will provide resources for collaborators to facilitate their success: musical scores, demo orchestrations, production notes, individual and group coaching, technical support. We will establish a “doable” schedule for busy professionals, a schedule that requires a minimum of people being in the same place, at the same time, doing the same thing. We will do this by rightly expecting that professionals, given proper resources and support, will come to a rehearsal situation fully prepared.

Thus, we believe that such a group can and will be able to bring the individual pieces together in a very short time…in fact, in four days for phase one of our project.

We will articulate a business plan appropriate to a “non-profit” model and, at the same time, designed to generate sufficient revenues to provide appropriate and “fair-market value” compensation for professional participants. In other words, we think pros should be paid for their work and we intend to our best to see that this happens. Simply put…we hope to generate enough revenues from the sale of tickets and other fund-raising activities to cover production expenses and still leave enough resources to compensate professional participants in a “fair-market value” way as well as support the larger goals of the Peaceful Educator Foundation. How exactly this will be determined has not been determined, yet…however, the spirit of our intention is fairness and the details will be clearly articulated and understood among and between participants before commitments are required.

More Info: www.thepeacefuleducator.com/peacemaker-themusical

LabWorks Coming SoonThe Valley Repertory Company of Enfield, CT is proud to announce Auditions for its 4th LabWorks 15-Minute New Play Contest!

Sunday, December 2nd at 7pm at 100 High Street, Enfield, CT. Actors will read from sides; no monologues or other audition pieces required. Performances are February 21, 22 & 23, 2013.

We will present 12 short plays (6 dramas, 6 comedies); many are world premieres. Audiences vote plays to a finals night and select a winning play in each category; the winning playwrights are awarded cash prizes of $150 each. This year’s 400+ submissions were received from 40 U.S. states and 9 countries and represent beginning, emerging, and established writers alike. Plays presented in our LabWorks contest have since received publication and further production success. The contest enjoys sold-out and highly enthusiastic audiences. Continue reading

Playwright/Author and admitted terrible dancer, Sean Alan Morris, proudly announced today (on his birthday no less), that  The Western Massachusetts Callboard, a sister site to his popular Connecticut Callboard, is now officially open.

“I have developed a following over the past 14 years or so, of dedicated performers, theatrical professionals and enthusiasts, and writers, who often cross the border between Connecticut and western Massachusetts. For years, they have been asking me to provide a similar service to their area.”  Sean had hesitated to expand beyond the borders of Connecticut, based upon the amount of work it took to maintain the single site.  “My focus has always been on Connecticut, hence the name ‘CTCallboard’, but I always felt kind of bad not helping our neighbors out.”  With some recent changes in the website, Sean figured out how he could integrate a sister-site and keep a common list of members so nobody would need to register to both websites.

The WMACallboard.com is built to work exactly like the CTCallboard.com.  It is closely integrated with social media, allowing members to post theatrical events, news and job calls directly to the website, and have it appear on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.  Just like her older sister, WMACallboard.com is completely free to all, public and members alike.

Since the WMACallboard.com is new, there may be a few bugs yet to be worked out.  Please feel free to send an email to sean@ctcallboard.com with any concerns or suggestions!

You can connect to the Western Massachusetts Callboard by surfing on over to wmacallboard.com.

Check out the original site at ctcallboard.com, or Sean’s personal blog, seanalanmorris.com.

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