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The Suffield Players announce auditions for their Annual Holiday Benefit Challenge Fundraiser! Performed each year with scripts in hand,  a minimum of rehearsals and a maximum of creativity, this show is perfect for anyone short on time, but with a desire to perform with the award-winning Suffield Players! All proceeds from the performances go toward the upkeep and maintenance of Mapleton Hall, our historic theatre home.

***Note: A Christmas Twist contains adult language and situations – recommended for actors 13 and up only!***

Auditioners will be doing cold readings from the script, which is a hilarious parody of “A Christmas Carol” and “Oliver Twist,”  all rolled into one absurd Holiday Comedy!

Character Descriptions:

Fagin: based on same character in Over Twist; filthy, conniving, leads a gang of orphan pickpockets.

Mr. Bumble: Scrooge’s nephew, drawn from a character in Oliver Twist. Pompous, greedy, prone to coining unusual phrases and words.

Tiny Twist: composite of Tiny Tim and the character Oliver Twist. Lame orphan sent to work for Fagin, eventually adopted by the Cratchits. Good hearted, sincere; not a tiny, pathetic, ailing lad as in the original.

Annie: another composite: The Artful Dodger and Nancy from Oliver Twist, with a bit of Little Orphan Annie (and perhaps Sadie Thompson!) thrown in. An expert pickpocket who looks out for herself, but turns out to have a heart of gold.

Ebenezer Scrooge: character straight from the book, with a ridiculous twist; same character growth through ghostly visitations.

Bob Cratchit: same type of character as in the original, with a really naïve and childish streak. Likes to play rough-and-tumble games at home; energetic, foolish and lovable.

Emily Cratchit: Bob’s loving wife; more practical than her hubby, but also likes to behave ridiculously on occasion. After all, she is married to Bob!!

Marley: Scrooge’s long dead partner, as in the original; takes himself way too seriously; ridiculous nonetheless.

Past: (Ghost of Xmas Past): sweet, ditzy version of the joyous character in A Christmas Carol. Lots of physical comedy in how she moves onstage (she is hopelessly clumsy.)

Young Scrooge: Same as in book, but has gotten Belle pregnant. Handsome and self-absorbed.

Fuzziwig: based on Fezziwig in A Christmas Carol, wears a large fuzzy wig. Likes to party.

Belle: Beautiful, young and romantic, but toughens up as time goes on. Dumps Young Scrooge though she is in The Family Way.

Present (Ghost of Xmas Present): Glib, fast talking, somewhat inebriated spirit. Tells it like it is.

Future (Ghost of Xmas Future): Tall silent type, as in book. Has some comical moments, though s/he is supposed to be scary as heck.

Gravedigger: composite of the one in Hamlet, and someone out of Monty Python.

Libby: Fierce old crone, evil laugh.

Carollers, Ensemble: Sing, play multiple speaking Dickensian roles throughout; part of every scene comically, vocally and dramatically.

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