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Comedy open May 19th, 2017
Cahoots Written by Rick Johnston
Directed by Rick Beebe
Produced by Actors Gym, LLC
Louise Cornetta
Mike Greca
Brad Rhodes
Danielle Diaz
Chris Borkowski

Tickets here at –

Actors Gym Studio and Theatre

3013 Dixwell Ave

Hamden, CT 06518

THE STORY: The setting is Ken and Jan’s apartment in a Manhattan high
rise, where Jan and her friend Lois are setting up for a dinner party
before attending a block association meeting on neighborhood crime—a
subject that has become an obsession with Lois’ husband, Al. In fact,
just to show how vulnerable they all are, Al, impersonating a masked
burglar, breaks into the apartment via the terrace while the ladies
cower in fear. For this, and other offenses, there is a growing
antagonism between Al and Ken, and as
dinner progresses so do the insults—culminating in disaster when Ken
fatally clobbers Al with an oversized pepper mill. The problem then
becomes what to do with the body, a dilemma which is compounded when a
suspicious security guard arrives at the door and, being bent on
blackmail, is also summarily dispatched. Before the evening is over our
concerned citizens find themselves turned into expert, if accidental,
criminals, as one of their victims is killed twice and several bodies
are deftly disposed of from the terrace. Filled with witty dialogue and
hilarious one-liners, the play manages to maintain a farcical unreality
while demonstrating that things usually do get worse before they get
better—and that the vaunted dangers of street crime can pale beside the
outrageous mayhem that can ensue when four “good friends” get together
for a quiet dinner.
Successfully produced in both London and New
York, this outrageously funny comedy with murder brings the problem of
big-city crime home with a farcical vengeance. Those involved are two
“yuppie” couples who, though obsessed with the dangers of urban living,
are hardly prepared for the “crime wave” that they bring upon
themselves—and well apart from the feared denizens of the mean streets
outside their triple-locked apartments. “It combines rapid-fire dialogue
with a farcical plot.” —Show Business. “…diverting comedy with murder…”
—NY Times.

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